Thursday, 2 July 2020

Taking A Break From The Blogs

I have decided to take a little break from posting blogs after this post, there is nothing wrong with me I just have got a lot of work on and I can not keep posting and working at the same time. My life has just got really busy and I will not be able to keep up the blog posts. I will return...

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Day 100

Day 100 of daily journal and it has been such a journey so far, I look forward to the next 100 days of me sharing my life with all of you.

Today was an alright day I went to work for most of the day and then I saw my friend for a bit to relax after work. Once I got in I just went straight to bed for a nap because of how tired I was from work. You might notice that this blog is posted a bit earlier but I will get into that further on in the post. I have got a lot of work in the next few days so I should be earning a bit more money which will be nice.

Tomorrow, you would never guess what but I have got work again... Just lots and lots of work so that I can earn as much money as possible to help with insurance and some extra spending money to treat my self. I hope that it is a better day tomorrow but who knows what the future might bring. 

This post is coming out a lot earlier because I use to post at 1AM in the morning and then I would have to get up at 6AM for work and it was just getting too much for me. So, I have decided to make these posts a bit earlier and then I can have much more sleep than I would normally.

Today is the 100th day of my daily posts and I can not believe how far my blog has grown over these past 100 days. This is a huge milestone for me as I have never done something this consistently for a long time. I want to take this time to thank every single one of you for reading this page and if you have missed any of my daily posts you can find them all here.

I have grown and changed so much over these past 100 days and I have gone through so much and writing these has made it a lot easier to deal with as it has given me something to do when I needed to take my mind off things and it has helped me have some order in my life. Thank you all for joining me on this journey and I can not wait to share these next 100 days with you. 

Stay Frosty Much Love IFB : )

Day 99 Of Daily Journal

Day 99 of daily journal and today has been a very busy day I had lots to do but still managed to get some gaming in as well.
Day 99 Of Daily Journal

Today it was my friend's 18th birthday so I went to go and see them after I had finished work. Speaking of work I woke up late to go to work but because I am a great driver I managed to fly there as quick as I could and managed to make it work sort fo on time. I just blamed the traffic and not the fact that I woke up late. After work, I saw my friend and then went up to my nans and saw her for a bit and managed to get a little bit of gaming done whilst I was at hers.

Tomorrow, I have got another early morning again but this time I know that I am going to wake up as I have set a lot more alarms for it. I would like to see my friend again after work but I am not sure on what time I am going to finish so I am just going to try my best to see them and if not I will have to see them another time. 

I have got a lot more work which is good as that means I have got a lot more money coming in and it also means that my time is taken up so that I do not have to think about things. It is good that it is keeping my mind busy as well as it is a lot better and I am not thinking about things as much so whatever happens, happens really. 

It is still very complicated but I think that I am dealing with things a lot better although I do keep finding things out that set me back. It's just small things but eventually, these small things are going to add up and then there will be a point where I just can't take it anymore. 

I just got to keep getting through it one day at a time. 

Stay Frost Much Love IFB :) 

Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Day 98 Of Daily Jounrnal

Day 98 was a busy day I had a lot of running around to do and then I got a letter in the post that I need to sort out and just lots of little jobs really that took up my time.
Day 98 of Daily Journal

Today, was a better day I managed to get a lot of small jobs done and got ready for a busy week of working. I am really enjoying working a lot more as it keeps me occupied and keeps my mind off everything that is going on. There were lots of little jobs that I had to do today so I feel accomplished that I managed to get them all done.

Tomorrow I have got to go back to work and then after work, I will be going to see my friend as it is there 18th birthday so I have got them a little something so that they can celebrate it properly. It will also be nice to see them as well as it has been a while since I have seen them.

The best thing about working is not just the fact that I have got some more money coming in but the fact that I actually have something productive to do and that I can get taught some more lessons that I never knew. It is great to see other people again at work as I have almost missed that human contact with everything that has been going off with the lockdown.

My nan is also doing better I managed to call in and see her today before I went shopping so that was nice just to call in and see how she was doing after everything that has happened. She is very well and so is my grandpa. 

Things for me are about to become very busy but it is important that you try your best to stay on top of things whilst you are trying to work a lot and make sure that nothing falls behind. 

Stay Frosty Much Love IFB :) 

Monday, 29 June 2020

Day 97 Of Daily Journal

Day 97 of daily journal and today was an alright day, saw my family and I relaxed for most of the day. Still been playing games a lot and trying to make some money.
Day 97 Of Daily Journal

Today was an alright day I went up to my nans to see her make sure she is well and she even made me Sunday dinner for me so that was a nice treat. My nan had a fall the other day so it was good to go and check up on her and make sure that she is well. I did some online shopping today and by that I mean I added some items to my basket so that I know what to get when I get some money in.

Tomorrow, I am going to go out and see a friend and maybe go shopping before I see them for some more bits that I know that I am running out of. I know that I need some juice so I might call in at the shopping center before I go out and see what the queue is like. I will probably just end up going shopping after I have been out so that I can put them straight into the fridge without having to worry about the shopping getting warm.

I have been feeling a lot better these past few days with my mental health I am still struggling but I feel like I am getting somewhere with it. I have been playing games as well trying to earn some money by playing them and so far it is actually going well. I have invested some money that I have already made back into the games so that I can earn more for playing them.

My life has got very bust these past few weeks and I have been able to pick up a lot more work which is good as it means that I will be getting more money in so I can pay for my insurance and actually start living. The furlough scheme that I am on is going to end soon but I will let you know more about that when I know more information.

This blog page has really helped me in times when I did not think anything else would so I will be continuing them as my life progresses further. I am not sure where my life will go but I am more focused on living right now instead of trying to focus more on what the future might hold. 

Stay Frosty Much Love IFB : )

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Day 96 Of Daily Journal

Day 96 was a very nice day of not doing anything all day and just relaxing, just what the doctor ordered really after long stressful days.
Day 96 of Daily Journal

Today was a good day of not doing anything apart from chilling out in bed, I did play some games for a while and that was very nice but apart from that I did not do much just relaxed and did nothing which was very nice. I have had some long a stressful day recently so doing nothing all day and relaxing was very nice. 

Tomorrow, I might go out shopping or I might go up to my nans for Sunday dinner like I usually do on Sunday if I am not working. I will be going back to work next week which will be good as it means that I will be getting money in so that I can pay my insurance off a bit more. I am trying to save as much as I can so that my insurance is dealt with early and I have more spending money for my self.

I have still been trying to make some money online but it is a struggle but I will be sure to let you know if I make anything and how much I make if you are curious. There will be a post about how I made that money and what I did to make it and to get started so that some of you can make some money as well. It is a long process but I hope that the results are worth it in the end.

There have been lots of different jobs that I have been offered throughout this lockdown and I have taken as many as I can so that I still have some money coming in. Even though most of the shops are closed online shops are still open and they have been very tempting to buy things from as I do not have to leave my house for them.

I think that online shopping has really helped us all get through this lockdown as it is the only thing that we have been excited for. You have got to admit that when you get a parcel in the post you are very excited to open it even though you know exactly what it is because you ordered it. I think it is like Christmas every time a parcel comes through my door.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope to be making many more in the future.

Stay Frosty Much Love IFB :) 

Saturday, 27 June 2020

Day 95 Of Daily Journal

Day 95 of daily journal and today has been an alright day I guess I definitely had a lot of fun throughout the day but then at night it killed the buzz that I had. 

Today was an alright day I saw one of my friends and we had lots of fun, her birthday is coming up so I went to town with her so that she could pick out her birthday present. After we had done that we went back to my house for a few hours so we could just relax and be together. I did want to spend longer with her but then she had to go home. It was a really good day up until tonight I had some family problems that were really difficult to deal with.

Tomorrow is an unexpected day as I do not know what I am doing tomorrow, I might be laying in bed all day or I might go and see that friend again or I might even be at work I do not know what is happening tomorrow which is strange for me as I like to plan ahead usually. Things in my life are still very complicated but I guess the main thing that matters is that I am coping with it well.

My headphones have packed in now so I will have to buy some new ones, I did try to fix them with some tape but they have completely snapped now which was not good because I need them for work sometimes as they are really good quality headphones, well they were until they broke. I must have had these headphones for a good couple of years so they have definitely lasted me. 

I am still unsure if I should stop these daily uploads at day 100 or if I should continue to do them and just change the time that I post them as I have got to stay up to post them and it is really taking it out of me. 

I have just had the world's biggest moth fly into my room it nearly gave me a heart attack it was huge and the worst bit it is I have lost it somewhere in my room now :( It is like a scene out of bugs life in my room now I hate it.

Stay Frosty Much Love IFB :) 

Taking A Break From The Blogs

I have decided to take a little break from posting blogs after this post, there is nothing wrong with me I just have got a lot of work on an...